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    YummyToast's Super Fun Application



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    YummyToast's Super Fun Application

    Post by YummyToast on Sat Jan 09, 2016 7:50 pm

    Hello there people of GAR!
    I am YummyToast and this is my application to join your clan ;3.
    Recently I have been participating in playing on the GAR server and earlier today played on the GAR training server with some of you guys and so far I can say that I am very impressed with how you handle things. You all (so far) seem to be an exciting bunch who knows how to have fun while still managing to maintain order to a organized extent. One of the reasons I have yet to join a clan in my almost year now of playing MB2 was because the only clans I were familiar with seemed to accept every 10 year old who probably screams at his mic. Essentially coming down to a pure lack of maturity (AOD cough cough). However, after some of the members of GAR recommended that I should join I have decided to take the time to make this. I see much promise in GAR and had a really good time playing with you guys today and therefore I have decided to throw this application in.

    As for my skillset I make a pretty cruddy gunner but I think that comes down to my lack of practice and experience. Jedi is my preferred class and I like to think of myself as being pretty decent at it. My favorite gunner class is Hero although as I said I need some practice with it.

    Anyway, thanks for the read and I hope I didn't make the application too short. Seeing as it is self formatted I figured I would just include the necessary details and keep it short and sweet. So thank you again and I hope to join you on the battlefield!


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    Re: YummyToast's Super Fun Application

    Post by KaelWindu on Sun Jan 10, 2016 4:55 am

    What's up, YummyToast! I'll let Desra know of your app so he can accept you formally.

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